AC200max 100% charged but after switching on and off again it shows 65%

Hi i have an ac200max with two B300’s. The system is 10 months old. When i fully charge the system displays shows the 3 batteries show 100%. When i switch all batteries off and after an hour i switch them on again the first battery shows 68% and the two B300’s 100%. I did discharge the acmax without B300 twice to recalibrate but in vain. Still got the 68% reading. Please more advice. i message the Bluetti support squad but they do not seem to read their messages. Any advice? Thanks

@bluetti_rudypauwelsgmailcom Please provide me with the SN of AC200MAX. We can push a firmware that corrects the SOC for you to test.

I have a similar problem, my AC200Max is only showing 65% after AC charging for 24 hours. T500 500W Adapter was only showing Red.

AC200M2315001462486 I just bought the system new 2 weeks ago.

The Bluetti App shows the following for Firmware

Current Version: v4030.16

Current Version: v4005.07

Current Version: v1017.03