AC200MAX 007 Adapter Relay Error

Since the recent firmware update a view weeks ago, my AC200MAX gives an alarm and an 007 Adapter Relay Error if the wall powersupply has finished charging and is starting again shortly afterwards.
My situation:
I have al small AC payload continu connected and once a day i charge the AC200MAX by a timerswitch for 3 hours daily, so the SoC is afterwards 100%.
It needs daily a charge of 25% to recover de SoC (due to the internal consumption), giving me 75% SoC backuptime what is fine by me.
If the SoC reaches 100% and the powersupply is still on the charging stops (as it should).
When the SoC drops back to 99% due the payload, the powersupply starts charching again (as is chould).
Now the alarm appears, so the charging is set off until the alarm is cleared.
Unattended it results in an 0% SoC and no No-Break power anymore. :frowning:
On the previous firmware there was no problem, it started with te last update.
When the 230V to the powersupply is temporaly off for about 1-2 minutes there is no problem on resume charging by the powersupply.
When the powersupply is still on and the charge is controlled by the AC200MAX, the alarm occurs on resume charging.
I can reproduce it and find that the level of SoC is no isseu, it happens on all level SoC when i manualy shut the powersupply off and on.
Even if i wait to resume the powersupply until the running charging dots stops (and hear a second relay go off) it fails, if i wait some longer its ok.
I think this part of the process in the system is off at this pont.
Product info:
Model: AC200MAX
SN: 2219001xxxxxx
DSP: V4005.07
ARM: V4008.03
BMS: V1017.03
HMI: 6037.03
There is no new firmware in the app.
I hope the produced info is enough to analise and find the cause of the problem.
Is there a new firmware?

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@Machiel Hi, if I get it right, that means if you unplug the adapter charging cable and then plug it in within 1-2 minutes, it will be fine, but if you plug it in after a long time, it will report 007, right? could you please take a short video for me to help us to confirm the problem?

No, the opposite.
Unplug the 230V powerplug charging adapter (DC cable to unit remains connected) and then plug it in within 1-2 minutes, it will report de error, but if you plug it in after a longer time it will be fine.
At the reproducible error I noticed that when you hear the charging-relay drop-off (sounds like a springrelease), the charging dots keep running for a while.
Waiting (or not) for it to pass and then resume charging it triggers the error.
Waiting for a longer period, or if the problem doesn’t occur, the running dots stops quick after the relay-release.
This morning there was again the error present en SoC was down to 46% for it missed its daily charge for 2 days.
Had a hard time to reach the normal state after cancelling the error (had to delete the error multiple times) and currently I can’t reproduce the problem anymore. :frowning:
The only settings I had made in-between is set the sleeping period from 1 minute to never.
I believe the sleep setting is only for the display, and not for other behaviors.
Probably its the longer time it took, or the multiple error cleaning/reappearing with its multiple chargerelais cycles, that its ok for now.
Due this variable results this morning I am keeping in mind that it also could be a mechanical issue of the relais (I am an electronics engineer).
I will try to test again this weekend and hope to make a video.

@Machiel Thanks for getting back to us. Normally, 007 will not be reported even if the adapter is plugged and unplugged frequently in a short period of time. It may be that the relay at the input end of the AC200Max adapter has a problem. I suggest you contact the after-sales service for repair.

@BLUETTI_CARE Thanks for your reply.
To get it clear, you meen in the separate 230V poweradapter, not in the powerstation?

@Machiel In the power station. There is a problem with the relay at the input port of AC200MAX.

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