AC200L vs AC200Max Output Amps

So I read about how the AC200Max couldn’t run someone’s diesel heater but found out they were trying to power the heater based off the cigarette output which is only 10A. If you use the Aviator output they have access to 30A so it shouldn’t have any problems running the heater. I was looking at the specs of the new AC200L and noticed that the aviator output is changed from this:
1 x 12V/30A (RV Outlet) (AC200Max)
to this:
1 x 48VDC / 8A (RV Outlet) (AC200L)

So would this cause problems for running devices such as the Espar Diesel Heater that needs a higher amperage to run correct? Normally you would connect the aviator output to a fuse block, but with the new AC200L would you need a 48V to 12V converter before going to the fuse block?

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The new AC200L requires an “accessory-additional cost” D40 unit to convert the 48 volts output from the AC200L. Not sure how the step down works as Bluetti will not provide any information other that it appears to be set up to “Charge” 12 volt RV batteries. The 48 volts will not output from the AC200L without using the D40 box. I received notification that the D40 is having unanticipated production delays and is not expected to be available for sale until April or May time frame. At the rate of new model introduction and seeing some of the new models having a normal high output 12 volt socket built in (with no need for an adapter box) it may be advisable to purchase a model already containing that feature rather than wait and see if a D40 step down module is actually available 7 months after product introduction. I not seen any other accessory shown in the AC200L manual as being available to purchase as well.


So ridiculous, it’s mid April and no news!!! I’m probably going to have to return mine if it’s not here soon. They seem to have time to develop new models, but not finish the accessories along the way.

If you are traveling to Europe or living in Europe it looks like the d40 is available from this site: Bluetti D40 DC-DC Battery Charger