AC200L Surges ( Possible business equipment damage - HIGH PROBABILITY )

Here is one for you with some of the STRANGEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I EXPERIENCED, there are some of you that are guaranteed to deal with this bms software problem. When we unplug the AC200L from the grid or wall power, it surges to all equipment hooked up to it. Our main issue is, this unit is touted to stop this from happening. It also does the same thing when the battery hits 100% soc from the grid, it will then state that the battery is over-charging and it shuts off the inverter, then back on, then back off, etc. They sent the updated version and it fixed nothing, it just made the surge even more powerful when the unit is cutoff from the grid power. So, they said " It appears that your equipment is too sensitive and we will send you a free vacuum for your trouble." We have a fiber modem, small PA system and two NVR security systems that total 400 watts continuously. I have been with Bluetti for 3 years now. It appears that they have lost sight of the ones that actually got them here. There is no loyalty. There are several other choices out there, Anker, Eco-flow, Bigblue, Jackery… After buying the B230 and 14 - 200 watt solar panels to go with this system, we are having major second thoughts. Allowing this company to utilize us for Delta testing, but we get nothing in return, but a vacuum? Not going to happen on my watch.

Hi @apoc

did you get any error code? Im not fully understand what exactly is the issue with your AC200L. Do you mean your device turn off, when the UPS triggers?


@apoc Please provide me with the SN and the current firmware version and I can check more details. Thank you.