ac200L PV relay and fan turning on every minute

I own a AC200L (US) and have two topics, one is the common PV relay clicking at sunset/sunrise and the other is the fan turning on for 25 seconds every 60 seconds or so.

Relay: I have read in various topics about this and would like Bluetti-Care push the DSP version that will reduce the relay switching frequency to me, my info is below. Now more urgent since I read the relay only survives 100,000 switches, comment by Bluetti I believe, this is less than the battery by a mile.

DSP: v2098.10
BMS: v1043.11
SN: AC200L2349000477638

Fan Topic: Turns on for 25 seconds every 45 to 60 seconds, (does this all day/night). its the low fan speed, so not terribly annoying, but I find it strange. I do understand the inverter is on and needs to keep check on Temp, but seems a bit too much. Here is my setup:

Customized UPS 23% to 95% SOC with 23 hours off peak and 1 hour off-peak scheduled at night to get some juice from the grid! I have both PV and GRID connected, but only PV is charging (except for that 1 hour) and the battery provides power to my devices (not the grid - no bypass - Grid stays on 0w on peak hours).

System is on 24/7, on AC discharge powering various devices including Lights and fridge. The away from home discharge is between 30 and 80W per hour, and when at home between 100 to 200W per hour. At time of this writing the discharge is at 35W (on purpose for testing) and even with that low discharge fan turns on every 45 seconds for 25 seconds.

I also have a B210 connected to the AC200L with no AC charging or PV connected to the expansion battery and no discharge devices connected, except AC200L.

Perhaps it stated when I updated both the AC200L and B210 BMS and DSPs, since I don’t recall having noticed the Fan prior!

I have placed two cooling fans (desktop type) on top of the AC200L to see if it helps keep the temp controller happy… so far no change.

@BLUETTI_CARE let me know your thoughts about Fan and if there is an update that can be pushed. Re. Relay please push the Relay update!

Thanks a Bunch

P.S.: I have 3 different Bluetti’s AC70S, AC180 (very loud fan) and the AC200L… overall happy customer!

I can’t speak to the relay issue being experienced, but I too can attest to the fan turning on and off every minute. I use my AC200L to power my office (surprisingly only 180 wats drain or so unless I have to use the space heater which brings it up to ~680) and agree that the fan constantly turning on and off is strange as its unlikely the inverter is experiencing much heat at all under this minor AC wattage load. I updated to the latest BMS version yesterday: v1043.11 while my ARM is running v1034.03, DSP: V2098.10 and IOT: V9041.06. I too would love to know if there’s a resolution or update that can make the fan trigger less often: my office stays at around 20 degrees C so heat on the battery triggering the fan doesn’t seem to be a concern in this case.

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@BLUETTI_CARE can you take a look at my message and reply/replies from others.

@ElDude I’m sorry I missed the post. I will push a firmware update for you ASAP.

@Shuteye Please provide me with the SN and I can push the DSP firmware for you to test.

Thanks @BLUETTI_CARE I will keep an eye out the coming 12 hours for it. is this both for Relay and Fan issue? Or just Relay switching?

@BLUETTI_CARE can let me know when the update is available to install.
Also please advise if this is just for Relay or also Fan issue.

@ElDude Please update the firmware to DSP2098.15 to test. It is for a relay switch issue.

Will do! thank you. update: No DSP update to be seen.

Separate question: I have 2 solar arrays… I have one connected to the Ac200L. Can I connect the other to the B210 (its within Voltage and Amps spec). Or would this confuse the BMS or MPPT?

@ElDude You can connect the solar panel to the B210, but the solar input will not display on the screen of AC200L.

Please double check on the Firmware DSP update. It does not show as update on the App, I am connected via bluetooth.

@ElDude Did you log in with your account? We push the firmware to your AC200L again, please check.

Hi @BLUETTI_CARE so I am on the app on my phone, connected via bluetooth. and I don’t see an update on the DSP. Or are you suggesting there is another way to check this.
or do you need to Communication board SN?

@ElDude What is your phone model? Could you please take a short video showing the update process?

@BLUETTI_CARE so can not upload videos here! my Phone is a Samsung S24+. Attached pictures in lieu of my video.

It would have been more helpful if you had just told me the right procedure first.

As mentioned I got the app,
I do NOT click on AC200L, but rather the 3 dots of the AC200L device, then select Bluetooth to connect to AC200L
Click on the Gear Icon and the scroll to Upgrade - See if there are any! and click on BMS version to see if there are any upgrades there.

OPTION 2: When clicking on the 3 dots, rather than selecting BT, select Upgrade directly…

Both options lead to the same upgrade screen attached here.

I had the same issue and did not have the 200L connected via bluetooth. Are you sure your 200L and your phone are connected via bluetooth?

Hey Scott, yes! When you connect via WIFI (Cloud) and go to the upgrade section, it will not show the BMS and clickable “version” blue box. Connecting via bluetooth it will.

Also, I updated the 200L about 2,5 weeks ago, not possible connecting via Wifi.

@ElDude Please try again. Or check the SN as well.

@BLUETTI_CARE thank you now I do see the update. Will update today and let you know.

We still have pending the “Fan” topic.

@ElDude I’m sorry that there is no suitable firmware for the fan currently.