AC200l Not PV Charging

Hello, I just purchased this unit (AC200L) the other day.

I set it up according to my requirements, one being PV Priority.

I have one B300 unit attached and running small loads, 90-300w off and on 24hrs a day.

Things were working fine, nearly completed a complete cycle with the battery already, using PV Priority charging was running perfectly. Until now (2 days after first starting it up)

I noticed that my attached B300 unit was setting at 92% and discharging, the AC200L sitting at 100%.
B300 is being discharged and not getting charged, while the AC200L is sitting at 100% and not discharging at all.

BUT THE PROBLEM, for some reason, is the Solar PV power stopped.
It shows that I am drawing around 107 volts but 0w

Any ideas about this.


I just doubled checked, and now I notice PV is charging, What the SOC says is the AC200L 99% and on standby while the B300 is now at 90% and charging.
It could be some minor tweak that I haven’t setup properly yet. Still need some advice

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@Liberty If this is 100% displayed on the AC200L screen or the total SOC in the APP, it is normal. When the system SOC reaches 100%, PV will stop input. Even if the equipment is being loaded at this time, it cannot directly supply power to the load through PV.


Thanks for getting back to me.
I understand that if all batteries are fully charged, no additional power will flow through.
My concern is why the B300 which is less than 100% is not being fully charged when power is available.
Is there some adjustment I have to make.

@Liberty When this happens, what is the SOC of AC200L and B230 respectively?

Hello again. The SOC was at 100% on the AC200L and the “B300” was at about 92% and there was a small load on the battery. Nothing was being charged and the B300 was discharging, no PV coming in even though there was plenty of current, It showed that I am drawing around 107 volts but 0w.
Further to my request # 126810. You had suggested I may need to run some updates. I see that there are a few now, I’m not sure if you sent them exclusively too me or if they were updates that have been put out to everyone. The updates showing were for ARM from v2134.03 to v2134.04 I tried running this, but it failed, saying timed out.
I called about that yesterday and had been told I would have some answers by today?
It also indicates updates are available for the BMS on the AC200L as well the B300, but didn’t try these as yet.
I don’t want to run any updates if they aren’t necessary.

@Liberty I suggest that you update the BMS firmware of the B300 to test. BMS firmware generally helps correct SOC. After the firmware update, please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down.

  1. Remove all inputs and outputs, such as PV, mains, load
  2. Keep the phone as close to the machine as possible
  3. Upgrade the APP version to the latest, and then upgrade the firmware again
  4. Set the machine’s screen-off time to “Never”
  5. If the phone is connected to WiFi, try turning off the phone WiFi and using data to upgrade again; or try turning off and on the phone WiFi.
  6. Clear the APP cache and try to upgrade again.
  7. Try downloading the APP again
  8. Try changing your mobile phone and upgrading it.

My original trouble was why the Grid was charging may be settled now, not sure because I can not run any updates so now more little issues are gathering.

This is the ongoing trouble now I am having with the AC200L

My AC200L is discharging faster compared to the 2 * b300 batteries. I dont think that is good.

Example Ac200 SOC=21,

B300 #1 SOC=49 ,

B300#2 SOC=51.


Before running any updates (in Bluetooth) I ensure that no connections and all in/outputs are disconnected, the battery is standalone . I have reloaded Chrome I have reloaded and re-setup the Blueti app I have enabled Bluetooth & WiFi sharing on my devices, I don’t know what else I can do

I was asked to run some updates but can not. Here are my current software updates.


IOT… v9041.06

ARM…v2134.03 latest version v2134.04(unable to run)



B300 units


But unable to do so.

Thanking you again, B

@Liberty Could you please take a short video about it?

@Liberty Sorry to hear of your troubles with the updating process. Is there anyway you can try doing the updates from a different phone by chance?