AC200L Enable AC Output when Utility Power is Restored

Is there any possibility to add a setting to the AC200L to automatically enable the AC output when utility power is restored to the unit? This is to recover from power outages when I’m away from home. Currently, when utility power fails the AC200L will supply power to the AC output until the battery runs out, at which time it shuts off the AC. However when utility power later returns, the AC200L does not re-enable its AC output so power doesn’t return to my devices until I return home days or weeks later. This limitation forces me to disconnect everything from the AC200L before leaving home for more than a day and re-connecting it when returning. Cutting power twice this way rather defeats the purpose of having a UPS in the first place.

A menu option to automatically enable AC output when utility power is restored without my physically having to intervene would greatly enhance the utility of the AC200L as a home backup solution. It’s otherwise an amazing product that ticks every other box for me.

Agree. This would be a nice feature for every bluetti device. My PC has an option for power on when AC is restored, why not its power source too?

Charging and activating after the machine is turned off, and then automatically turning on the output has potential safety risks. That’s why we can’t implement this feature.


Hi @Wretched_Refuse @tripzero

This feature was already discussed multiple times on here. I agree with you, that there are maybe many reasons to do it. But there are also cases, where it may not advisable to turn it on automaticly.

I think you need to view at from the standpoint of a company rather than a customer. While the customer just enjoy the feature, a company sees a safety risk in turning on a high voltage output without of the knowlodge of the customer.

As quotet, this feature dont get implemented.

But maybe you can figure out your special case in another way.

You could buy a raspberry pi, install HomeAssistant with the Bluetti Plugin and run a automation that trigger the “AC Switch” when a special condition is meet. So you could build this feature in DIY.



Not sure what the safety risks would be… My dumb power strip is always on/off with the grid. Why are we okay with that but not this battery-backed power strip?

It may not be desirable for everyone, that’s why it should be a settings option.

I get that we can work around it with automation, but that’s added complexity that probably isn’t needed (and way to complicated for most people to even get working). Not to mention that these 3rd party integration libraries like bluetti-mqtt aren’t supported by Bluetti.

my understanding, at least regarding EU regulations, is that the power strip is downstream vs the generator / power source. It’s a passive switch.
Generators are “active” sources, and no regulation forces the manufacturers to add a residual current breaker to protect people from the Claude François effect. In absence of such regulation, manufacturers are not allowed to reset AC ON, even on timed events or grid state changes.

Would be very useful though I agree. Best option is still to add a smart plug, and keep the unit’s AC out on 24/7, even though it has a substantial impact on the batteries.

Every desktop UPS I have ever owned turns on its outputs when AC power is restored. Why would the AC200L be any different?

Selfmadestrom offered you a solution. Here’s another one (Step 1 is not necessary but step 2 and 2b works for the AC200L) :

Thanks @Snips1, I was able to make the TeamViewer solution work. I can’t use Wi-Fi to connect to the Android phone because my AC200L powers the router. My cellular connection is horribly slow and weak but at least it seems to work.

Question: My understanding is that the AC200L will power on when grid power is restored, and automatically start charging. So unlike the AC200MAX situation I shouldn’t need to connect a DC charger to the solar input to turn on the AC200L when utility power is restored. But assuming ECO mode is turned off, will the AC200L stay powered on indefinitely if neither AC nor DC output is turned on? I believe that the AC200MAX will turn off after about four hours if it doesn’t have any load, regardless of the ECO setting.

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Ac200l is a really much improved version of the ac200max.
I must tell you that I do not have an ac200L… I invested in 2 ac200max (before the release of ac200l) so I am not able to answer you for the AC200L.

On the other hand, in fact, for the ac200max, it shuts off by itself after a certain time or when it runs out of battery and then you cannot wake it up with the AC-Dc adapter connected, you have to wake him up through the solar input.

The AC200L does not need an AC-DC adapter, because you plug it directly into the grid, I think it can wake up on its own when the grid comes back: do the experiment to check yourself: turn off your AC200L, unplug the AC plug, wait a bit then plug the AC plug back in and see if your AC200L turns on by itself.

I agree, I have both AC200Max and AC200L and have found the AC200L a much more refined product. I confirmed that the AC200L does turn on when AC power is turned on. What I don’t know is how long it stays turned on if I don’t connect a load. If I’m away from home when utility power is restored, it may take several hours for me to realize that and connect to the phone to turn on the AC output of the AC200L. If the AC200L has shut down due to not having a load connected I won’t be able to connect to it to enable the AC output.

I understand your concern. The manual says nothing on this subject. However, when I look at the following table :
I see that the AC input power added to that of the DC/solar input is capped at the maximum level corresponding to the selected mode (standard, turbo, silent) : I assume that the AC current is rectified and then injected into the same circuit of the AC200L as the DC current on the solar input… and in this case a voltage on AC input (grid) must “wake up” the AC200L as for the solar input.

To be sure, you can ask Bluetti the question, or do the following two tests:
1 -unplug the AC plug (grid input), turn off the AC200L, then plug the AC plug back in to see if the AC200L turns itself back on, if there is voltage on the grid.
2 -turn on the AC200L, turn AC and DC output off (no load), plug the AC socket into the grid… leave it like this overnight and see if in the early morning the AC200L stays on.
If your AC200L passes the two tests above, I think you will have no problem (and in this case I will very much regret having bought my second AC200max too early! I could have bought an AC200L! but the AC200max is still a very good product)

Thanks @Snips1 I had the opportunity to run the test you suggested last night and confirmed that (1). If the AC200L is powered off, plugging the power cable into grid power turns the unit on; and (2). The AC200L will remain powered on as long as grid power is connected. Even pressing the power button won’t turn it off. And if you try to turn it off from the app, you receive a message, “Stop the grid input and try again.” I checked and the owner’s manual doesn’t mention that grid power must be disconnected in order to power the unit off.

So this is all good news for power outages. As long as your internet connection is NOT powered by the AC200L, internet connectivity should be restored and the AC200L will power on as soon as grid power is restored. And the AC200L will remain powered on, allowing you to turn on the AC output remotely from the app using WiFi connectivity.

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I think a good solution to the problem would be to use an automatic transfer switch to power your internet equipment. In the example of the device I have linked, here is the description of how it works.

  • HCDC HD060 Automatic transfer switch, an easy to mount 15Amp inline transfer relay provides switching between AC INPUT 2 (Utility or Shore Power) and AC INPUT 1 (Inverter or Generator) AC source. When AC INPUT 2 is powered, the load power will be switched to AC INPUT 2. When AC INPUT 2 is powered off, the load power will be switched to AC INPUT 1.

So, you would use it to power a power strip that your internet equipment would be plugged into, but you would connect the power sources opposite to what is given above. You would connect input 1 to the grid, and input 2 to your AC200L. In this way the AC200L normally powers your internet gear, regardless of whether the grid is available or not. So, if you lose power, and the AC200L shuts down, your internet gear will obviously power off. But when the grid comes back it will automatically power your internet gear AND start up your AC200L and begin charging it. At that point you will be able to connect via WIFI with the Bluetti app and turn the AC outputs on.

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