AC200L + B210 SoC Difficulties

Having some inaccuracies with the SOC Reading and Battery % on the app when a AC200L and B210 are connected together.

Once they are both charged to 100%, they will drain fairly closely together down to 20-30%, but when I charge the units via either of these two methods.

600W Solar (41.2v / 14.58a) into the AC200L
600W Solar (41.2v / 14.58a) into the AC200L + 600W Solar (36.6v 16.39a) into the B210

The app will show the AC200L steadily increasing to 100% SOC, but the B210’s SOC will barely move with either setup and the BMS Status will fluctuate between Standby and Charging (normally Standby) and it might move from 30% to 35% during this time.

This keeps the overall battery percentage in the 50-60% range, then after some time the B210 SOC will jump from 35% to 100% in an instant, all Solar input will stop and the total charge will be 100% on the display.

Not sure if anyone has experienced this or there’s a fix.

The second question was, is there any way to get a view of the B210’s Solar input via the App? the only thing I can see that has any relevance is the Time until full display on the AC200L will drop once a charge is introduced to the B210 but as my unit is hidden away this is not always viewable.



1, I suggest you do a charge/discharge cycle of the AC200L+B210. Let’s see if they can all be fully charged and discharged to 0 eventually.
2, Sorry, there is no way to see the charging power of the B210 at the moment.

Thanks for the reply,

Have attempted to fully discharge and charge them fully again via AC adapter limited to 3A (720W) but the behavior seems to remain.

From 100%, both units will discharge fairly uniformly.

Upon reintroducing Solar charge, the AC200L will continue to steadily increase in SOC but the B210 will remain static (or very slightly increase its SOC) until the point that it is at 100%, and then it will make the jump to 100% from any percent between 50-80% from my testing.

Secondly, if there is no charge going into the AC200L but there is a solar charge going into the B210 (100-400w) both BMS status’ (Pack1 and Pack2) in the Application will display Standby even though the percent will go up over time.

Are these known and expected behaviors or is this an issue with my B210?


In this case, will both battery packs eventually be fully charged and discharged to empty together?

Yes, both packs will end up fully charged together, and they will discharge in Sync.

The problem is specifically charging, overnight (no Solar Input) the pair has been drained from 100% to 57% (AC200L and B210 SOC very close to this figure) - Solar charging commences in the morning and there is little to no change to the SOC of the B210, the AC200L is at 97% SOC while the B210 is still at 57% SOC.

In about 30 more minutes of solar input, the AC200L will reach 100% and very shortly after the B210 will jump from 57% SOC to 100% SOC, taking the app Main Screen Battery meter from around 76% to 100%.

From an operational point of view, the units are both working (Discharging and charging) but from a usability and planning point of view (Cloud days when there’s not enough solar to reach 100%) the two devices don’t seem very compatible - with no visibility on how the second unit is charging until it’s at 100% and a wildly inaccurate battery meter.



Uploading some screenshots for increased visiblity…
10:23am - 98% and 36% soc (around 350w solar input) - 68% battery level

10:28am - 5 minutes later - 100% and 100% SOC - 100% battery level

@Renny8 I will give feedback to R&D department. If I have an update, I will let you know.

@Renny8 Please provide me with the BMS version of B210. In addition, the B210 will experience SOC jump when charging, but will it also happen when discharging?

Hi Team,

Apologies for the delayed response, was off grid for a few days.

Screenshots of the AC200L and B210 BMS Version attached.

The issue will not happen with discharging, it will display a clear linear discharge from 100% to 0%, it’s only the charging that has almost no effect on the BMS percent until it reaches 100% again.

Just wanted to add, I attached a DC Clamp Meter to the B210 Input to confirm it’s receiving charge into it’s MPPT while the SOC remains static and it is taking in around 6.52A @ around 40V so around 260w so definitely charging.

@Renny8 The R&D department is developing new firmware, which is currently in the testing phase. I will notify you if there is any update.