AC200l as UPS - seems to be constantly discharging and recharging

I’m using an AC200L as a UPS to run my office. I’ve got settings set to UPS mode = standard, charging mode set to silent, and outgoing load (to my equipment) fluctuates between 5 and 600 wats AC. I’ve been periodically checking in on my Bluetti app, and have noticed that it seems to be purpetually “recharging” at 1.2KW with 99% batter level while outgoing load stays at its already established rate. Is this normal? On other bluettis I use as UPSs, battery always remains at 100% with just the outgoing loads showing. Is this behaviour normal for the AC200L? I don’t wat t put extra ware on my battery when it should be just passing the AC load strait through without touching the battery…

@Shuteye Switch your charging mode to normal and see if it still happens as often. And keep in mind, that no matter what… the unit is going to drop to 99% ever so often and need to charge back up to 100%. It consumes battery power to handle the screen and onboard electronics.

I have my AC200L set using customised UPS, and set my SOC setting to 80% - 95%, and set the time schedule so that it is off-peak all the time. This way, the AC200L charges up to 95%, and then goes into bypass mode to power my equipment (off peak behaviour). It also stops it from perpetually recharging as it will allow a drop until 80% before it starts recharging again. The inverter will draw about 1% every 2 hours, so 12% per day. So it should only do its top up once a day with this setting and not perpetually recharging to 100% whenever it hits 99%.


Thanks so much! And since the battery is rated for 3000+cycles to 80%, running it this way would basically ensure that only 1/10 of a cycle roughly happens per day, so no appreciable battery damage even after several years. Rooky question: I’ve got my customized UPS set, SoC set to 80 - 95%, “time of use” switched on, how do I ensure the whole schedule is treated as off-peak?

Click on Schedule in your working mode customized Setup. I assume you used Time Control UPS custom mode. It should be there. I have mine on Customized (Soc 23% to 95% ) since I have a Solar array and it charges up to 100% during the day, in my schedule I just have 1 hour OFF-peak at night to fill the battery back up at night (since it runs 24/7 and does have a discharge+parasitic drain). .

Play around with working modes, schedule and SOC settings

Once you have Customized UPS on and Time of Use on, go into Schedule and set a single time cycle from 00:00 to 23:39 as off-peak