AC200L 30A outlet and progressive ems

I just received my Bluetti AC200L to use with my Northern Lite truck camper. I also have a hardwire Progressive Industries EMS HW30C to protect my electrical system from various problems at a campground pedestal. My EMS trips because the neutral is not bonded to ground. The 30A receptacle does have a ground contact, unlike all the 120V 15A receptacles. I know there is a work around for this by using a bonding plug. (Solar Generator N-G Bonding? - by Mike Sokol ) but that only works for the outlets that are on the 120v cube adapter. That will not provide me the current capability of the 30A plug. Any suggestion other than building a 30A cord with plug on one end, receptacle on other end the with the neutral tied to the ground. My other option is the Progressive until has an off button that would by the shutdown, but that defeats the purpose of having the EMS unit.

Problem solved. Although I cannot see the ground contact on the 20A receptacle, I plug in a unused 20A plug and did a continuity test between the ground of the 20A plug and the ground contact on the 30A receptacle and I have continuity so the bonding plug will work.

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