AC200 Winter Storage

Can I leave the AC200 at a winter cottage turned off over winter.

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Yes, you can. Some tips for you.
Storage and maintenance instructions
(1) Please fully charge the machine before storing it.
(2) Turn off all power buttons.
(3) To preserve the battery lift span, please use and recharge at least once every 6
(4) Ensure proper ventilation while in use or store and keep away from any combustible
materials or gases. Do not stack anything on top of the unit in storage or in use.
Inadequate ventilation and/or improper storing may cause damage to the unit.
(5) Avoid exposing the product to rain or using the product in humid environment.
(6) Use and store the product in a clean and dry environment.
(7) Keep this product away from children and pet.
(8) Wring the cloth with water and wipe it clean In case of dirt.

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@eltono Welcome to the forum!!

Like @BLUETTI hit on above, follow those steps and your unit will be in great shape for when you’re ready to use it! One thing I would add, is when you’re powering down your unit… make sure you press and hold the power button for like 5-7 seconds to make sure it’s fully shut off. If you just quick press the power button, it sort of puts it in a “sleep” mode and you might run into issues with a drained unit in a few months when you go to use it. :metal:

Thank you for sharing. Good job, man. :+1:

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Great information. Thanks

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