Ac200 total failure

Put the kettle on 2 days ago and pop/crack the bluetti Ac 200 is dead :sob::sob:
No response from bluetti uk
Great start to my 2 week trip

@Durber Ahh that doesn’t sound fun! What does your kettle pull watt-wise? What’s the name/model of it??

And normally the AC200 would throw up an error code and you would need to turn off/on the unit to reset it… I take it you’ve tried this already??

It’s an Amazon kettle that I’ve been running on the Ac200 for about 10 months it puts out about 1956 w. I had about 450 w of solar going in at the time. All pretty standard stuff. Then pop/crack it won’t turn on. All I get is a flashing green power button and no lcd screen. Battery was at about 85% when this happened.

Sounds like it is time to give up that tea stuff and start drinking Diet Coke :wink: This definitely sounds like a service issue indeed.

Unfortunately no response from

Try one of the e-mails listed below. They are the only contact info I have and they should be able to steer you in the right direction.




Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm(PST)

Address: 6185 S Valley View Blvd Ste D. Las Vegas NV 89118

Orders&Shipping Support

Sale-After Service Support

Wholesale,Distribute Or Dropshipping

Press,Marketing And Influencer Cooperation

Thanks Scott, I will give them a go.

I sent many emails to list provided on web-site no one reply and support my case. :frowning:

Bluettipower UK has been in touch and say there staff are on a 3 day vacation and will look into my problem when they return.

Happy to hear that you already got UK to support. Not sure on me end might on holiday as well. :smile:

Hopefully someone will get back to you shortly

But until then you will switch over to drinking Diet Coke…Right?

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That’s never going to happen
Gas to the rescue