AC200 To The Microwave Rescue!

A few weeks ago we had a power outage of around 7 hours that fell around dinner time. No problem powering our microwave with AC200’s powerful 2000 watt inverter. It delivered over 1700 watts to the oven and cooked our meals, without breaking a sweat. Awesome


Curious did you notice how much battery capacity was used to microwave your meals?

A lovely kitchen there!

That IMO is what makes the AC200 special it can handle any kitchen appliance with ease, Heck my wife was able to dry her hair with hair dryer rated at 1800 watts…No problem. Bluettie should have named it the BEAST!!

Your microwave looks built in, but is not, correct? I have a built-in over the oven. I think I would have to install a transfer switch to power my kitchen appliances, which is why I went for the EP500Pro. I have the perfect spot for it right under the electrical panel. I hope to power my fridge, coffeemaker, occasionally the microwave or dishwasher, lights and occasional smaller kitchen appliances during power outages. These sogens are lifesavers!

My microwave (in that photo) is considered built-in, over the oven. The wall outlet that the microwave normally plugs into is in the cabinet above the microwave. You can see the extension cord from the AC200 entering the cabinet through the door that’s slightly ajar.

Oh! I’ll have to check my cabinet. It would be much simpler to do that. I haven’t yet moved to that house, but the one here is apparently hardwired, as there is no outlet in the cupboards above.