AC200 to power my Intech Flyer Discover

I got my AC200 to power the 12V accessories in my Flyer Discover, which is a 7’x14’ cargo trailer camper/toy hauler. I have not yet wired everything in, but the plan is to use this as a boondocking camper, and power everything with my Bluetti AC200.

I want to run as much stuff off 12v as possible, and use the 120v sparingly, for stuff like a 1000w blender to make margaritas!

Yesterday, my 12V/25A cable arrived. Also, the aircraft plug I bought off ebay also arrived. So now I can move forward with my camper power panel project.

One thing of concern though. While examining the connectors, I found the solder cups to be kind of small. If you solder in typical stranded 12AWG of between 7-24 strands, that wire is only rated at 14 amps. 12awg solid wire, like house wire can handle 34amps.

In order to safely carry the rated 25A, we need to use 12AWG solid wire, where 14AWG solid wire can carry 24A.

In most cases, we will probably not use the full 25A capacity of that cable, so most will never have an issue, but, if like myself, you plan on wiring up a cargo trailer camper conversion, and want to power a 12V sub panel with the 12V 25A connector, using the cable that comes with the aircraft connector to do so may get hot or worse if you have close to the rated output in 12v devices powered.

I am going to use 14AWG solid wire (rated 24A), silver soldered into the aircraft connector cups between the AC200 and my 12V Fused Anderson distribution panel for safety.

Technically not overkill, but just at the rated limit. I just don’t want anything getting hot. I have a 12v fridge (45w), 12v tv (40w), 12v pc (36w), 12v water pump (60w), 12v diesel heater (130w) , 12v stereo (40w), 12v ceiling fan (20w), and 12v led lighting (10w). I have the TV and PC on the 12v 10a plug, with a max power of 85 watts, and on the 12v 25a is everything else eating 296 watts max.

So the short term plan is to charge the Bluetti with both solar panels and a gas generator powering the ac brick. I camp mostly in the pines, so direct sunlight would only be for a couple hours a day.

I just got the trailer 6 weeks ago, my AC200 5 weeks ago, a 2500w gas generator 3 weeks ago, the Anderson Powerpole fused distribution panel last week, and the Aircraft connectors yesterday. So you can say I am just starting with my project.

I plan on adding solar panels in the spring.


Awesome setup! :grin:

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I would reccomend a smaller unit (around 500 WH) as well for low power extended DC uses. The AC200 works very well for higher draw items but if you are going to have a period of time (say overnight) that you will be running the fridge or just a couple of lights, the smaller unit will give you longer run time per watt hour of capacity compared to the AC200. If you have sufficient solar to overcome the losses, it will not be an issue. Plus it would be great to have a small compact unit you could take outside to a table etc. for convenience.