AC200 Shutting Off When Plugging In a Transer Pump

I bought a 12 volt transfer pump that supposedly pulls 2 amps. I wired it to use a car lighter plug with a 10 amp fuse, and when i plug it into my car, it works perfectly. But When I plug it into my Bluetti, I get an fault message, 004, saying that it is “DC Short Circuit.” So what am I doing wrong?

Did you wire the negative and positive correctly?

The older units had hot neutral issues. Check with a ohm meter.

Yeah, I even switched the wiring in hopes that the wires were somehow switched on the car lighter. But Same result.

This makes sense, I have one of the first units made. How would I use the Ohm meter to check? And is there a way fix this issue? My other thought is to connect the water pump to the electrical board which is connected to the other 12 volt DC Output, 25 amps. This is doable, just not exactly how I wanted to wire it.

There are utube video on how to do it. The problem is the 30 amp plug, it was wired reverse. Look up images of wiring layout for plugs, with the ohm meter determine if it matches. There are cheap tester that can tell you if a plug is wired as per code.

The fix may require to have the unit return for repair/replacement.

From what I can gather, instead of replacing the internal cabling, they did a firmware fix. Unfortunately fixing it this way, meant the cable colors are no longer meeting code requirement. This would be an issue down the road when someone is troubleshooting the internals of the unit.

FYI: Some devices will not work with floating grounds and give you an error code.

The user is referring to the DC voltage output not the AC output that you are referring to.

Ok on dc only issue.

Still would be good idea to ensure all is kosher on ac or dc side.

His pump giving short to ground error. It may indicate a ground loop. Happens when neutral is bonded to ground at more than one spot.

Check pump/device wiring that neutral is not bonded to ground.