AC200(P) DC 25A outlet powering ATV winch

I am using an ATV 12v winch to raise and lower my Jeep hardtop. I am trying to use my AC200(P) using the DC 25A out but it only works 75% of the time. When it doesn’t work it give me the ‘004 DC output short circuit’ error. It works sometimes but not always and when I get the error I have to power it off and on again to try again. Is it because of the winch motor or something else? Is there a way to get it to work 100% of the time?

Thanks for any help

It is because your winch is requiring more amperage than the port can provide. Don’t know how long your wiring is, but any run length over the std. cable length is going to reduce the amperage and voltage available.

With no load it shouldn’t draw more than 15A. And as I said it works some of the time. It also doesn’t give the overload error only the output short circuit.

As you said, with no load…The length of the cable from the winch to the aviation output will determine both voltage and amperage loss. If you have one of the original 16 ga. aviation cables, it will be a bottleneck to that kind of current flow.

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