Ac200/p 12v/30a rv cable alternative

My ac200p died. My ac200max just arrived. I need the 12/v/30a rv cable - Bluetti is out of stock.

Is there an alternative cable - a different brand I can look for?


No alternative that I have found other than trying to source the connectors and making your own cable.

Aviator plug? i got mine on

Are you sure you have the AC200P? If so the RV output is 25 amp I believe.

Thanks for replying. We had the 200p but had to return it due to a problem. We then bought the 200max.

The aviation cable Bluetti provides should fit both the 200P and 200max correct? I ordered the 200P and avaiation cable and cannot connect to the 12V/25A port. Have others here been able to connect these together?

If you can do it yourself :
The connector

Now that I have started testing on the AC200MAX DC 30A port, I am facing an unexpected problem. I connected a device that I used on the DC port 12V cigarette lighter (consumption >20W) and that could run for several days without draining the battery. Once plugged into DC12V 30A the battery drained in a few hours???

How is this possible?? Would the 12V DC converter behave differently on the 30A port for the same consumption??

I’ll run some more specific tests and talk about it.

It would not drain in a few hours normally, but running the DC regulated circuits consume power up and above the device you are powering in order to produce the regulated DC power. If nothing is plugged in but the DC is turned on, you will consume power.

Good morning and thank you for your response.
But how to explain that the DC port 12V 10A and the DC port 12V 30A do not have the same behavior ??
I assume it’s the same converter?

I do not think they share the same regulated DC converter.

I don’t know, it’s quite possible. When I look at the consumption chart shared by @bluettiadmin, I wonder.
Is it a multi-stage converter?
That would explain the huge discrepancies.
I’m running a full test campaign again, and I’ll be back to talk about it.


What is this used for. I am going through my cables but do not know why i bought it.

to connect to a high current load that exceeds the capacity of the “cig” socket. Air compressors, powering a fuse panel in an RV etc.

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