AC200 no longer charges via solar

Got the ac200 in Nov, used it until 2/20 while full-timing in my travel trailer. Hooked to a 350 W panel I got from Santan Solar. Worked well. Then I had a full hook-up site from 2/20 to 3/11, so didn’t use the unit. Had the solar panel disconnected and turned on the ac200 a couple of times to check it. Was at 100% both times. So now I’m off grid again. But when I connect the panel, I get nada.

It charges via ac when I plug the trailer into a generator and charged via the car plug while driving.

The panel shows proper voltage thru a multimeter. And I have the dc input source set to PV.

Any suggestions?

After you connect the panel to the AC200 and waiting approx. 30 seconds, what does the incoming voltage from the panel read on the AC200 screen. If the answer is zero, check for voltage at the end of the aviation input connector cable, if no voltage is present, check for voltage at the end of the MC4 to XT90 connector. Most likely it is a connection issue assuming you are seeing 35 or more volts coming from your panel. what was the “proper” voltage you were seeing from the panel using the multimeter?

Voltage on screen is zero. Voltage from solar panel is around 50. The voltage at the end of the mc4 to xt90 cable is zero.

The connection from the MC4 side of the MC4 to XT90 cable is most likely the issue. disconnect and reconnect them firmly and see if that resolved. You can also check for continuity of the XT90 to MC4 cable and if no continuity on through the connections, your MC4 connecto is most likely bad

When I reconnected the mc4 side to the panel connector, the ac200 turned on like it was getting voltage from the panel, but still read zero. So I loosened the panel side connector, pushed in the ground wire, and retightened. Problem solved!

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Glad your issue is resolved. It is usually the basics that cause a charging problem

A new but related question: I’m contemplating between buying a 200 watt panel or two 100 watt panels. Will the AC200 start charging with the 1 12 volt 200 watt panel? From what I read it won’t. If I actually need two panels then why would anyone buy the 200 watt vs two 100 watts?

No it will not charge from a single 12 volt panel. You need a minimum voltage of 35 volts DC for charging to operate. The number of panels you purchase is not the determining factor, it is the voltage of the panel or combined panels that will match up to the requirements. If you find a single panel that will output a minumum of 35 volts while under load, it should work. But…most panels specs you will find will require at least two panels to operate.