AC200 MAX PV Amp Limit Conflict

I just looked at the specs on the Bluettipower webpage and the 12 Amp spec has been changed to 15 Amps. So the website and the manual are now matching. Thank you Bluetti for getting these to match to eliminate any conflict/confusion in this important spec.

The Bluettipower web site says that the max amp limiting for the AC200 MAX Solar input is 12 amps.
The Manual for this unit specifies 15 amps. It also says: Over-current: 15.2A ± 0.3
The extra 3 amps would make it more flexible in designing an array of panels to achieve the 900 watt max input power with some type of series-parallel panel array or using higher amp panels in series.

It can’t be both so which one is correct and which one is a typo? And please fix the one that is wrong.i guess that looks like the website
An official answer is needed, but I am curious for those who have already ordered one of these, what do you think that you are getting?

Edit: I just re-watched Hobotech video from August 20th and he verified that the solar input accepts 15 amps. So that looks like the web site and some promotional charts that are on Facebook and maybe elsewhere are wrong in saying 12 amps. It would be very good to be consistent Bluetti. It also makes your product look better to show that better spec.

I just received the following email regarding this subject:

take the user manual as the standard

12A is wrong statement, the correct is 15A