AC200 Max - Power issue with solar panels in series

Hi there. I have a AC200 Max to which I connect 3 solar panels of 400 W max. 2 in series in the PV input, and 1 through the AC adapter. I have all the 3 panels installed closed to one another. Same orientation, no shadow, all cleaned. I have tried to switch them and always get the same results : the single panel plugged to the AC adapter input is always above the 2 series panel plugged to the PV input. Absolutely not understandable… For instance right now, the AC adapter delivers around 50 V and 230watts, while the PV delivers around 90 V but only 240watts and sometimes less ! What’s wrong ? Thanks for your help.


  1. Please check the display, DC input source set to PV
  2. Try unplugging the PV charging cable again

We need more info. What is batteries SOC% displayed on the screen or App ??
When the SOC% approach 100%, the charge controller within the power station, will reduce the PV power it will take from the panels, and at 100% SOC% the PV power will be 0 Watts.