AC200 MAX or AC300 - home supplement and back up

I have an AC200P and it’s been a good unit, but just short on battery storage. I want to upgrade to something with more capacity, and it would be for continuous use for home supplemental energy and back up when power goes out.

I am in northern Wisconsin, so days tend to be shorter, and the window to collect energy can be shorter.

I don’t think it would make sense for me to get the 200 MAX with more than one B230, as with the 900 Watt input, I don’t know that I could fill three batteries on the average day, assuming 5 hours a day for reference.

The AC300 I could hook up at least 2000 watts of panels to, up to 3000 (the most we have), and assuming the same 5 hours of good light a day, could probably collect 10,000 watt/hours a day, which would make three B300’s possibly doable.

Also - does the AC300 use more of it’s own energy to run with the larger inverter?

I am newer to this, and currently have three AC200P units. I have learned my two biggest challenges are how much energy can we collect (input), and how much can we store (battery).

Larger inverter isn’t such an issue, as most of the day we could run the whole house off of a 2,000 watt inverter (without the 220 items of course).

So what do you think in this situation - AC200 MAX or AC300?

@markieboy711 the AC300 doesn’t have an internal battery so you’d need to purchase it along side with the B300 battery.

And this would be a good start to your home system, but you might also want to look into the EP500 which can be hooked up to you homes grid a little easier with it’s all-in-one design…

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The AC200P can add B300 batteries to its setup. Check with the Bluetti AC200P documentation on how many batteries can be added.

As of this week, the delayed B300 orders are being shipped, so I believe new B300 orders will take a month to ship.

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Hi @markieboy711,

@m.briney has said there is no internal battery, it must be used with B300(s) batteries. So if you want to use it, remember to buy B300(s).

AC200MAX can be used separately, and it also can be expanded with B230 or B300.

AC200P is 2000Wh/2000W, if you have three of them, you can consider to add some external batteries, such as B230 or B300.

EP500(pro) also is a good choice.
You can choose the units according to your needs.

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Thank you. I would love to just add a B230 or B300 to my AC200P units! But the problem I run into is I want to leave the AC200P connected to solar all the time - so I don’t know how to integrate another battery as they connect at the PV input it seems.

And I don’t know how I’d charge the extra battery with solar - the 500W input on the battery is a bit small.

It’s for continuous use, so I don’t want to be swapping connections daily. Is there a way to integrate a B230 like this and I don’t understand?

Right now I’ll use the AC wall charger - plug it into an AC outlet on one AC200P and plug it into the other - sort of chain them together. Not ideal, but it limps along for now.

Hi @markieboy711

  1. You need a D050S to connect them.

2.The external battery can be recharged by connect solar panels with a D050S.