AC200 Max no longer charges using my generator

i have four ac200p, one ac200max and three ep500pro machines. all eight machines have been installed since july 2022. all have been working fine, charging via solar panels in series.

sometimes when there is not enough sun, i use a generator to charge the ac200max, as that is the machine dedicated to powering my satellite system. that has worked fine a few times per month for 10 months. as of yesterday it would no longer charge. same generator, same cables, no warning, no fault, no changes at all in the system. the green light on the charging box turns on like normal, but it never switches to red. so i exchanged one of the power blocks from the ac200p for that in use on the ac200max, thinking it might be the charging unit. still, the ac200max won’t charge. the power box light is green, does not turn to red.

is this a known issue? how to fix it?

@camaroncito Did you check if AC200MAX can be recharged via the power blocks? If it can’t work, maybe there is a problem with the AC input port.