AC200 MAX - issues or are they solid?

I need to upgrade to a unit with more battery than our AC200P’s, inverter size is fine.

It seems the AC300 has a few bugs to be worked out yet - are the 200 MAX running well and dependable? This would be for a fixed & continuous use.

Running my AC200Max plus two B230’s daily since I received the kit late December. The load is a freezer and refrigerator (separate) and some smaller tool chargers. Added fixed PV panels on my garage - bought used ones really cheap on Ebay, also added the Enhanced DC charger so I could use even more panels on the roof so I now have a total solar generation capacity of up to 1400W!

Just received a manual transfer switch which I will install next to my electrical panel this weekend which will allow me to select even more loads as I have some spare battery capacity left (running fully on batteries overnight). I like the multi-use capabilities. I also own an RV so I plan to bring the system and portable panels with me when out and about this summer.

It all runs really well. Very happy with the surge power rating which comes in handy when refrigerator starts. Some weird SOC balancing going on between the battery packs where one B230 always seem to be running at a higher SOC by 20-30%, but it is not causing any issues. Overall the system runs like a charm!