AC200 Max - Gradually discharging faster

Thanks I will try the full cycles…but it feels like that’s all Ive been doing since getting my AC200 Max. This shouldnt have to happen to be honest. I have none of these issues with my EcoFlow for instance…

Okay final straw hit. Cant connect with BT anymore…when I open the App it says no data. I scan for the unit and it finds it but when I connect I get a red box with some warning in chinese.
EDIT: logging out and back in seems to have enabled BT again, however after substabtial testing and discharging I have the following data regarding the discharge rate:
With a 200 watt load the SOC went from 100% to 50% in 7.5hrs. It took 2.5hrs to go from 50% to 15% at which point it went to 0 immediately. So not only is the BMS out of wack, the AC wattage reading on screen is also WAY off. If one considers the AC200Max is at most 75% efficient, after 10hours the actual load I was pulling was 150watts not 200 watts.

So regardless of the attempts to fix the rate nothing worked, no discharging and no firmware updates. I have in the meantime requested a full refund from the online retailer in South Africa where I bought it from.


Thank you for the screenshot.
According to the confirmation with engineers, BMS firmware upgrade is not available for BMS versions starting with 1010 and 1014. Please contact the support team as soon as possible (provide SN code of AC200MAX, screenshot of firmware and brief description of the problem) to register the return for repair.

Sorry again for inconvenience caused.

May I ask for the BMS version number of your machine?

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1017.03 I have contacted the reseller and said I will hold off on sending the unit back. The main issue is the SOC indicator on screen not being in sync. So far the unit can power my devices for a decent amount of time…so I will hold back on repairs as I cant currently afford to be without backup power in South Africa. We have power cuts every couple of hours and being without backup for however long it takes for Bluetti to fix it isnt feasible. @BLUETTI how do you go about repairs for people like myself who live on the other side of the world compared to US/Europe?
Do you have a South African department as well?
Also, what does “contact the support team” mean? I didnt buy it from Bluetti directly…

@CJdeV After upgrading the firmware, please try at least two charge/discharge cycles. Charge to 100 via AC and then discharge to 0.
If the problem is still not improved, (not purchased through official channels) please contact your dealer for further processing.

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No need, just had full refund processed by reseller after evaluating the unit.

Thanks! I reached out to support.