AC200 Max for Boat Shore Power

I’d like to plug my boat shore power cord into an AC200 Max via a pigtail adapter. This is to allow 120v power to the boat while at anchor, in essence simulating being plugged into 125 V, 30-amp shore power at the dock. One issue I have encountered while testing is that the boat electrical distribution panel indicates a reverse polarity issue. I checked the Bluetti AC outlets with polarity testers and the polarity is correct. However, I think the boat is showing reverse polarity due to the Bluetti’s floating neutral. Is it safe to use the Bluetti this way on the boat despite the “reverse polarity” warning? Anyone else done this?

AC200MAX is an off-grid system with a floating ground design.
Strictly speaking, it does not distinguish between L and N. It does not affect the working performance of the machine and normal use.

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