Ac200 Max code 034 bms communication error

Hi all,

I woke up to my unit suddenly being off and giving me this error code. Really annoyed as we have rolling blackouts here a d I rely on this to get work done.

The unit shows 0% charge and does not detect the power ac input, I can’t enable the ac or DC out put or connect via Bluetooth. Bms firmware version shows 0.0 like the firmware update error except. I didn’t do an update. I have sent it back through the company I bought it from but there is no stock here so no idea what is going to happen.

Definitely won’t be recommending bluetti to my friends again and a lot of people are looking for backup solutions here in South Africa due to our loadshedding.

I have only had this unit for 28 days, and have the b230 connected and the unit doesn’t see the b230 either.

I hope they can replace it with a longer lasting unit. Not impressed so far with this issue. The device is great but less than a month in and it’s faulty is not a good start.

@Roars Can you check if the BMS communication cable of the machine is plugged in place? Please plug it in tightly.
After checking that the communication cable is OK, the error is still reported.
Then you need to contact our support department (with relevant photos and machine SN code) for further processing.

Thanks for the reply, but I guess that would require me to open it and void my warranty. Why would that be the advice given by you as the company? Anyway, I have already sent it back via the local company. Sadly, they have no stock at their supplier, so who knows how long this will take. Really annoyed by this and this advice given that would void my warranty.

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Did you also buy your unit from Takealot? If they have no stock surely they should give you a full refund

I had a BMS034 error the other day after they pushed firmware to my unit. I had to log out and in to get bluetooth working again and for my BMS to not show 0.0 anymore

Checking the communication cable will not void your warranty.
Please provide your AC200MAX SN code
If you do not connect to B230, please try to turn on AC200Max alone, will it report 034?

Yes I did, they have refunded me and they have no stock so I am now moving to a ecoflow delta pro unit instead. At least ecoflow has a local website and seems to be more supported here. It costs more but has a bigger growth potential as well down the road.

I tried the logging out and in on multiple phones and still couldn’t connect.

Too late, I have sent it back and got a refund and now moving to ecoflow delta pro rather since no stock available here for Bluetti. Rather pay more but have local support at least.


Glad you got the refund. Mine is getting picked up on Thursday then will see whats next. Ecoflow’s presence in SA is probably a smart way to look at it, probably my next move as well.

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Yea just the fact that they have a local website for accessories and downloads and support it’s a huge plus to me. It costs more but I will have more peace of mind once I get it.

Thank you for your feedback, I will send the information you provided to our after-sales support to improve the follow-up service.

I also have a bms error. Immediately my battery percentage went from 91% to 100. I put a load on to bring it to 99. It’s been charging for 1.5 hours still at 99. What should I do?

Please Discharge to 0 first and recharge again. Please let me know if it is still unresolved.

Thank you for replying. Sorry for late reply. I was informed by Caroline from Bluetti to ship the unit back and I will be responsible if there is damage done due to packaging. Also, to take pictures of the packaging and send it to her to retrieve a label. I already threw out the package and suggested if I could get a new unit with new packaging so I can switch out the units to send the defective one back. I offered that they can charge my card until they receive the damages one. She refused and told me to take it to ups and I pay to have them box it up. It’s too heavy for me and it powers the house. I haven’t had this unit that long and the customer service is horrendous. I spent thousands of dollars in less then 5 months. Bluetti products are the best if they work. I know others that have had issues. This is borderline between scamming or just really bad customer service. I’m looking at other options. Thanks again.

AC200MAX - I just saw the firmware update and attempted to update it only to end up not updating and the machine acting funny. It immediately brought my 100% charge to 0% with the power button blinking its green light and making a beeping sound which was an alert with code 034 for a BMS issue. I can’t connect to the machine via my app even though the machine shows the Bluetooth is on. I’m so frustrated at this point, why would the engineers push an update that literally will stop the machine from working? What am I supposed to do now? Hurricane season is here and I bought this machine specifically for this time of the year and I don’t have a working backup. I need help with this issue!