AC200 max & B300 connections

I’m thinking of adding a B300 to my AC200 max. Can anyone confirm whether its possible to place the B300 below the AC200 max and have them connected or can they only work side by side. The B300 has its power connection cable on the right side unlike the B230 which has them on the left side making it simple to just stack additional B230’s underneath the AC200 max. I was hoping to do the same with a B300 but I don’t know if the cable supplied would allow that design.

I have two b230 stack below my Ac200Max

The B300 case has a very strong aluminum frame that can hold three more B300 batteries on it. So, yes, you can stack your AC200max on the B300.

From what I’ve seen online, it looks like you can place the B300 backwards underneath the 200Max and then the plug receptacles will be on the same side. Any solutions that would allow the 200Max on top of the b300 with them both facing front? How much longer would the cable have to be for this setup?

I have a sort of similar question sorry I’m new and I can’t figure out how to post a new topic but it’s kind of related to this one so I figured I’d post here. Does anyone know if two AC 200 Max can be stacked on top of each other? I know this may not be ideal because the wireless charger is on top of the device.

You can safely stack 2 ac200max’s on top of each other.

Okay thanks for the reply I sent a message about this to the support email for the manufacturer but I didn’t hear anything back yet. If I hear something from them I’ll post another comment here

I also did this by placing my second ac200max on top of my first ac200max. As a precaution I avoid putting dc on, on my first ac200max which is below, to avoid activating the wireless charging pad to protect the second … But not sure that this precaution is useful.