AC200 Max 2 x B230 batteries discharge first and switch off.

Hi. I have an AC200 Max with 2 x B230 batteries. The batteries are discharging first?

Also, I left all the units switched on expecting to start charging again via solar when the sun rose, however I found both my batteries had switched off? Is this normal?

Firmware details

Hi - I have the same system as you (B200Max and 2 B230’s) and noticed that the external batteries will drain down before the primary unit. Yes - it is normal for solar to wake only the primary unit (AC200Max). Unfortunately
you have to manually turn on the extension batteries -its one of the complaints that users have

Thanks Woody. That’s a huge flaw I wish I knew before investing so much money into this system.

BLUETTI is this on your list of bugs to fix? If so do you have a target completion date?

I have an AC200MAX and just 1 B230 Expansion Pack and when both are on they discharge at generally the same rate so I’d say yours is not operating properly. With respect to what happens at sunrise, unfortunately, it is normal for the B230 Expansion Packs to not automatically turn back on. I’ve briefly seen some suggest that there may be ways that you can “hack” the Expansion Packs to have them turn on automatically at sunrise.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen some other forums advising to to charge back over AC a few times to calibrate the batteries together so will try that.

I guess if I have a constant draw on the 12v system (which will be the fridge when the build is complete) that the batteries will remain awake. Presume that last night they ‘timed out’ and switched off as I had no draw at all.

My AC200MAX with two B230 have the same behavior. The B230 are always discharged first.

If you want that the B230 should not be switched off, simply insert a USB stick at the B230 batteries.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a go.