AC200 is a life saver

I use ac200 to do all my backyard work. i also have the ecoflow but 600 watts is way underpowered for all my tools. It is when my wife approves I know that I made a good purchase :smiley:

UPS feature
external fuse access
water resistance
wifi enabled/smart/firmware updatable

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Thank you for the suggestions Fawzib. UPS, water resistance and wifi - firmware updatable would be great improvements for future products. Not sure about the external fuse access. Are you referring to a specific fuse inside the machine that can blow or are you referring to doing away with the electronic overloadable and resettable features built into the AC200 being replaced by manual fuses that blow and then are replaceable?

i saw many reports of bluetti just stops working after a certain load. a fuse that can be changed externally will be an added safety measure.

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