AC200 Everything seems to have "Locked" Errors, is there a way to reset the device?

Hi Folks,

I have a AC200 which is non-functional and the last faults are all “locked” messages.
050. Adapter Locked
051. AC Output Locked
052. 12V/3A DC Output Locked
053. USB/PD/Wireless DC Output Locked
054. 12V/10A DC Output Locked
055. 12V/25A DC Output Locked

I have disconnected everything from the unit and it is still stuck in this state. The date and other settings cannot be changed except it can be switched between the Chinese and English language setting.

Since its out of warranty I opened it up and it all looks good. The battery pack has good voltages but no voltages are shown on the display.

I swapped the battery pack with the BMS into another AC200 and it functioned normally with no faults and good cell voltages.

Is there an internal reset or something that needs to be reset for AC200 controller to try and operate again?
Is there a magic code that can be entered to reset it?

Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated.


@JR_Goes_West There is no magic code. It is suspected that the main board was broken. Please contact the after-sale support to repair it.