AC200 Auto Turn On

Was wondering if there’s anyway to make the AC200 turn on when it senses power coming from the car charger when my car turns on so it can start charging. If not, would that be possible via a firmware update in the future?

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I believe the minimum auto on voltage is 35 volts (solar charging). This higher voltage was most likely chosen to prevent unintentional battery depletion. If the AC200 began charging at 12 volt or 24 volts, anytime power was present the charging would occur until the battery was depleted intentional or not.

But…It would be nice to have a selection to keep the current auto charge or change the “wake up” mode to 12Volts if desired as you say. Good suggestion.

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As Scott said, nope. And I’ll add that unfortunately the AC200s were not built to accept firmware updates.

If it auto turns on when getting solar (as it should), will it auto turn off when the charging stops?
I’m assuming it would, otherwise it could get a small charge and then spend the night (or dark days) loosing charge.

Yes, the AC200 will turn off when the solar charging is longer present.