AC200 accessory to charge car battery or run air compressor

Hi, I have a need to use the aviation 12v/25A output to run the air compressor for an off-road vehicle. When off-roading, you often need to air down and air up tires quickly. Normally the air compressor is powered directly by the car battery to do so. It uses high current so you cannot use the cigarette plug to power it. Instead of opening the hood to attach the air compressor to the car battery, I like to use AC200’s 12v/25 aviation DC output for it. There are a few advantages doing so besides not having to open the hood. 1. AC200 is conveniently located in the middle of the car, I do not need to run long extension air hose to reach all 4 tires. 2. I do not have to worry that the air compressor may drain the chassis battery too much to deplete or damage the chassis lead acid battery. The only two accessories offered by Bluetti that come to my mind are

12V/24V LEAD-ACID BATTERY CHARGING CABLE 12v/24v Lead-acid Battery Charging Cable – BluettiPower


12V RV CABLE 12V RV CABLE – BluettiPower

But these two are not compatible to connect to each other. I do not think Bluetti has an accessory to charge a car battery using the 12V/25A aviation output either for the same reason. Can Bluetti offer another accessory for this application?

Easy fix. Remove your battery clamps from the end of your compressor and replace them with an XT60 connection. This will connect directly to the 12 volt RV cable that Bluetti currently offers. If you want ultimate flexibility, cut your compressor power input wires and install an XT60 female on one side of the cut wires and install a male XT60 on the other side of the cut wires. This way you can use the original battery clamps and by simply unplugging the just installed connector, you can then attach the compressor XT60 connector to the Bluetti RV cable.

Or you could use butt connectors on the wires if that was easier for you…

These would be the connectors…

Good idea and suggestions. Thanks!

I am wondering why Bluetti uses XT60 instead of XT90 connectors for its aviation output cable and make it incompatible with other Bluetti accessory cables such as the lead-acid battery charging cable.

Or if I can find a xt60 male to xt90 male adapter, I can use the two Bluetti accessories that I already have without cutting any wires. But I do not seem to be able to find it. I found female to male adapters but not male to male adapters.

Sorry that I meant xt30 male to xt60 male.

I meant XT30 and XT60, not XT90.

Now I know where the confusion comes from. When I ordered the RV cables from Bluetti right after I received my AC200, they sent me the one with XT30 connectors for some reasons. The spec says XT60 connectors now.

The XT60 is used for output and the XT90 is used for input. This is done so you cannot make an error and plug the wrong cable into the wrong port. The XT60 connector is Capable of carrying the full output amperage

Ah. I confused myself again. XT90 and XT60. No tiny XT30. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Scott, I just did what you have suggested. It works very well. My compressor however pulls a bit more than 25A, up to 320W. AC200’s 12V/25A output seems to be able to drive it fine although it is over 300W DC. Thanks!

Looks great. I would assume that unless the compressor was loaded at the top end of the pressure capability that the AC200 can provide sufficient amperage. I also made my own 12 ga. Aviation to XT60 output cable to utilize heavier ga. wiring if needed. I have a very similar compressor I bought for my truck and it too consumes a large qty of electrical power.

The compressor has a spec with max amperage 30A and max PSI 150. As you said, it may need 30A for PSI 150. My van needs up to 70 PSI. Do you know what AC200 will do, if a device is drawing 30A from the 25A aviation DC output? AC200MAX has upped the aviation output to 30A.