AC180p has wrong capacity

So i just bought Ac180p and turned it on. There was 60% of battery left from the box. I connected a device which showed 60w/h consumption and the timer showed 11 hours left.
Is my station has deffect since it should have 1440w/h but if we will calculate 11h60w/h that will mean that it has 660 w/h while it has 60% of charge so the full charge should be equal to 11010=1110w/h

Bluetti power banks are generally shipped at around 60% charge for safety reasons. For you to have full capacity and a more accurate run time, you first need to fully charge to 100%. Trying to calculate its actual capacity without an initial full charge is near impossible. Noted on many other posts is; Watts consumed from the Bluetti is more than the Watts your device is using as there are parasitic loads within the AC180P i.e. inverter efficiency, BMS and other electronics. If you read your user manual, you will see that you should get approx 85% of actual 1440x0.85 = 1152Wh, plus to protect the battery 10% is held in reserve. This is common with power banks and Bluetti power banks operate amongst the higher end of efficiency rates from my research.

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@Dakota When you first receive the power station, please do a full cycle of charge and discharge (completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down)