AC1800 USB C port suddenly not working

I have been using my new Bluetti for about 2 weeks. I have charged it once up to 80%.

The USB C port suddenly stopped working today. I was using the port to charge my iPad Pro and I noticed that it was no longer charging. The state of charge was 30%. Turning the DC switch manually and by the app didn’t solve the problem. Turning the main power off manually and by the app didn’t solve the problem. Changing the USB C cable didn’t solve the problem. (Both cables work just fine on other USB C chargers.)

The AC outlets work fine. The phone charger on the top works fine.

I am out of ideas to fix the issue. Any suggestions?

@Jbass In this case, the USB board can only be replaced. Please contact the after-sale support for repair.

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I contacted and I got a canned e-mail asking me to send a video to explain what the problem is. I can’t explain the problem any clearer than I already have. This is poor customer service. I’ve recommended Bluetti to several friends, but I am now reconsidering that recommendation. Amazon has asked me to review my Bluetti but I will hold off to see what, if anything, happens next.

I have now sent photos to Apple at Bluetti Support showing that the USB C output port is not working on my new AC 180. I used the same cable and two USB C devices in the photos to show that the cable is good and that the devices can both be charged using a USB C power bank. Just wanted to keep you updated.

@Jbass Thanks for your update. If there is an unprocessed issue, feel free to let me know.

You asked me two weeks ago to let you know if there is still an unprocessed issue with my AC 180. I have heard anything further from Bluetti service regarding my non-functional USB C port. Thanks.

@Jbass Has the AC180 been returned for repair?

Thanks for the quick reply. I haven’t heard anything from Bluetti about returning the unit for repair or replacement.

@Jbass They got back to me that they didn’t get any reply from you since January 2. They will send the message to you again, please check your email.

I did receive the 1/2/24 e-mail but it didn’t call for a reply so I didn’t reply. I’ve since received a further e—mail offering a $30 refund in exchange for keeping the unit or returning the unit for a new replacement. There was no offer of a repair, which I would have preferred. I prefer to have a functional USB C port so I am returning my unit for a new unit. Thanks for your help.

@Jbass I’m glad to help you.

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I’m updating this topic to reflect that Bluetti sent me a new AC 180 with only a 6 day turnaround from California to Texas and back. The new unit functions perfectly. I have bought a small “power strip” to increase the number of USB C ports. It’s nice to see that Bluetti is putting more than one USB C port into their newer products. A big thank you to Bluetti Care for helping me out.