Ac180 voltage regulation

What is the 12V DC regulated at? I’m using it to power my Dometic CFX3 fridge and I am seeing it drop to as low as 10V and change while the compressor is running. It’s not a huge issue but I sa surprised to see it drop below 12V

Hi @Tacomarin

Cant say specific for AC180 but for other powerstations i experience the same. When the battery is fully charged, the 12V output is a bit over 12V and when its nearly empty it cant hold the 12V anymore so it drops a bit. Would say this is normal.



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@Tacomarin It may be that the instantaneous power of the refrigerator and compressor is too high, and the voltage will be pulled down in a short period of time.

It pretty much runs steadily at 11.4-6 volts when the compressor is running. When it turns on I’ve seen it drop to 10.8ish. Here’s a photo from the fridge app of it when it had been running for quite a while. Voltage is shown on top.

Battery was at 89%. When the compressor isn’t running the fridge reads around 13.5V. My last power station would run the fridge at over 12V. It’s not a big deal but I have to put the fridge on the low setting for battery protection otherwise it won’t run. With my last power station it would run with it set to medium. The amp draw is also noticeably higher with this power station, which makes given the lower voltage. I don’t know if any of it matters, it’s just my observations and makes me curious how well the outlet is regulated. I need to try it out with our diesel heater to make sure jt can run off the Bluetti because jt can be unhappy if the voltage drops too low.

@Tacomarin It is normal. The compressor is an inductive load, and when it is started, the current will increase instantaneously, causing the voltage to drop.