AC180 Super Early Bird Price Announcing

:raised_hands: :raised_hands: The AC180 Super Early Bird Price Now Announcing!

:eu: For BLUETTI EU site is 999€ :euro: !
AC180 (1800W & 1152Wh): Only 999€! SAVE 200€!

:australia: For BLUETTI AU site is A$1199 :moneybag:!
AC180 (1800W & 1152Wh): Only A$1199! SAVE A$300!

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*To be sold on the official site on May.15th, 2023. Don’t miss it. :love_you_gesture:

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When do we get UK prices ?


The AC180 price for UK site will be released in June.

So we can have early bird pricing for the EU site and be told that the UK can order from May 15th with a sale price according to Bluetti UK of £1,200 down from £1,299 then you state we will get a UK Price sometime in JUNE?

@Reddragon The AC180 go-live date of May 15th is for EU and AU sites only.
AC180 Prices for the UK site are expected to be released in June, with a launch date to be announced.

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Can you order a B80 right away or will it come later for the German market?

Is it generally not possible to load the AC180 with a D050S and a B230 or B300?

I’m looking forward to the release!

@J0hnny AC60B80 is expected to be available in the European market in mid-June.
AC180 can directly use a “P090D to DC7909” cable to connect a B230 or a B300, not recommended to connect a D050S

Looks Fantastic, an Energy Capture Companion to be Treasured!
Don Kreitner