AC180 starts recharging as soon as SoC goes from 100% to 99% - is it "healthy" for the battery?

I have a new AC180 obtained with intention to use it as UPS for my internet routers.
As I understand, when working in this mode constantly connected to AC grid, it still uses the battery for internal purposes.

What worries me is the fact that it starts recharging immediately each time when the indicated SoC goes from 100% to 99%, so it happens very often (a few times per hour).
Apart from the related fan noise, which even in the “quiet mode” can be disturbing during the night, is it healthy for the battery?

Do you know if there is a plan to add configuration setting to change this behaviour to start charging only when the the SoC goes below a configured value (e.g. 50% or 80%)?
Ideally, this setting could be customised depending on the time of day (to avoid the noise during the night, for example).


@jarek98 Shallow charging and shallow discharging of lithium batteries will not affect battery life. As for the fan noise, our R&D department is testing firmware that reduces fan speed, you can pay attention to software updates.

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I agree with you, what is the need to charge the batteries in UPS mode as soon as they are only 1% discharged? It is generating more noise with the fan unnecessarily and I have the unit in a bedroom and I am tired of the continuous fan off and on every time it goes down to 99%. :angry:

@bluetti_curichinatogmailcom I’m sorry for the inconvenience. A new firmware for improving fan noise may be update within a week. You can pay attention to the update.

Thank you. I am impatiently waiting for this firmware to see if I can finally coexist in a bedroom with it in UPS mode.

I should record a full day the on/off sound, so you can see that it turns on every very short time, and sometimes with a very loud initial sound and others with a quite high permanent sound, I guess it will be when it loads from 99% to 100%.

Ideally I think that in UPS mode the fan would be constantly on at very low RPM, and the recharges from 99% would not occur until a level that we can choose each user or at a certain time every 24h.


@bluetti_curichinatogmailcom The new firmware is still being tested. Thank you so much for your patience.