AC180 Solar Charging

I’m totally new to all this…but willing to learn!
Im seriously interested in buying a ac180 but need to know whether I’m able to connect my Ridge Ryder 200 watt Solar blanket to the ac180.
My solar blanket has Anderson Plug Connections and not the MC4 connectors. The ac180 comes with a MC4 solar cable.

My question is;

  1. Does Bluetti have a solar cable with a anderson connector?
  2. Is it safe and possible to change the MC4 connector on the cable to a anderson plug connector??

Every bit of help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Kurt, you will need the correct polarity Anderson to MC4 adaptors (Bluetti do not sell these) and bypass any solar controller on your panels as the AC180 has its own built-in MPPT controller. Maximum OCV/VOC for the 180 is 60 volts. If you are in Australia I can post some links which may assist you.

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Thank you very much for the info. I’d wish Bluetti would sell the cables with anderson plug as lots of folks here in australia use anderson connections.
I would appreciate the links you mentioned, Thanks, Kurt

These are the correct adaptors:

Also, feel free to join the official Bluetti Australia Users Group:

I help out there and I’m very happy to assist you further if required.

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Hey @Kurt, I’m in Europe. I had a solar panel without connectors; just cables coming out. It’s a second-hand panel. I just got a pair of MC4 connectors and put them on. I’m not really a DIY person, but It was fairly easy and there are various online tutorials on how to do it.

So I think it would be an option also to cut off the Anderson connectors on your panel and replace them with MC4 connectors.

On the other hand, the adaptor @Erebus mentioned also sounds very handy. Slightly more expensive, but less work. And you keep the Anderson connectors on your panel, which might come in handy in the future; you never know.

I agree that in Australia it would make sense if Bluetti provided cables with Anderson connectors if that’s the standard there. Just like they ship their units with different AC sockets for different countries.


Thanks again for reply and for the link.
I’ve seen these cables but am not sure if they actually will fitt the bluetti cable.
If this would do the trick then I’d be very happy. Guess I’ll have to get my hands on one of their cables to see and try before buying.
Cheers and thanks again,

I can assure you that the product I linked is suitable for Bluetti MC4 cables. MC4 is the standard connection for residential PV panels, but of course, campers are more used to Anderson. That said, the adaptors are reasonably priced, and those I linked are the correct polarity for Bluetti units.

Thank you for your info and reply to my query Dvaer.
Before cutting and changing plugs I think I’d go with the adapter if it would fit.
Probably easier then replacing my anderson’s on the blanket and on the extension cable I also have.
I truly can’t understand Bluetti for not supplying a cable for both connection types.
They probably just want to push their own solar blankets … but in my book they’d be better off trying to suit “all” customers rather then…! Yep, I know, its business but?? Lot’s of countries have different a/c power plugs so why not suit the solar connection also??
Anyway, see what the future will bring, thanks though for your advise and help,
Cheers, Kurt

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@Kurt The “Standard” solar cable connector type would be the mc4 connectors, which is what you find on all of bluettis solar panels (as well as 99% of both residential and other panels on the market) I feel that the companies that choose to have these other type leads (such as anderson/sae/xt60/xt90) are the ones that should be including adapters to make them work with the vast majority. Now you wont ever be able to just plug mc4 connectors into a power station of course, but that is why bluetti (and alot of the competition) provide these additional “input cables” that go from mc4 to the connector of the input source. Which is the dc7909 barrel plug for the case of the bluetti ac180.

My suggestion to you is to get a kit like this one… ( ) and replacing whatever leads you have currently on your panels with “standard” mc4 connectors. As mentioned above, having a multimeter handy to double/triple check polarity is important, but this way you’ll be able to use them with any power station you choose. As most power stations also come with the adapters for their specific inputs that terminate with mc4.

btw… this video helped me out tremendously when I was in your same exact shoes and started adapting all my cables.

Hope this helps man! Cheers!

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Thank you Mike,
I’ve watched all videos, thanks for the links. I’m learning :))
Here down under most folks use anderson… at least as far as I have seen from stuff one can buy here for the camping world.
Cheers and thanks again, much appreciated.


No problem @Kurt ! And anderson plugs are great options for sure as they typically can be wired with thicker gauge wire which then is able to handle alot more amps then the barrel plugs alot of these power stations utilize.

This is really helpful that. I think my panels have a MPPT controller. Is that a big issue?

Yes, you need to bypass any panel controllers as the Bluetti power stations have their own built-in.

Will it damage the system?

Normally you just won’t get any input, but it’s possible it might also cause damage I guess.