AC180 SOC goes to 0% when battery charge is around 60-70%

I’ve got a new AC180 that I fully charged only one time after its purchase. I was never able to drain completely its battery because SOC goes suddenly to 0% around 60-70% battery reading on the status display. What is strange indeed is that it goes to full SOC 100% again with only a 45 min recharge (in silent mode around 300 w/hour). It sounds like the battery is faulty or with a reduced capacity. This is happening even with the recent available firmware both for the station and the battery pack software version. Here are more details about it:

AC180 SN 2313000924597
ARM v2074.05
DSP v2078.05
BMS v 1033.06

The power station is only 1 month old with very few hours of workload (mainly connected to my PCs for a max 100 w/h output)

Is there anyone with same issue?
Thank you

@civarx Please try to do several cycles of charge and discharge (empty the battery and fully charge it without interruption) to correct the SOC.

Hi and thank you for your answer. I have informed Bluetti technical department through some days ago: they said the same thing and I have completed 3 discharge test and informed them. The problem is that a FULL discharge cycle through an electrical appliance attached to the AC180 is clearly impossibile because during these tests unit has gone from 100% to nearly 94% charge status and then suddenly switch to 0% SOC status after nearly 45 min of power usage from a small portable PC with a mean 30 w/hour energy absorption. Every recharge cycle to get it to full power only last accordingly 40-45 mins (unit in reverse went from 0% SOC status to 94% and immediately 100%). Anyway It is not working as it should: hoping support will contact me again offering a unit replacement because it is only 1 month old!

Is the charge and discharge cycle done in the following way?

  1. Disconnect all loads, without any charging.
  2. Discharge until AC180 was automatically shutdown (suggest loading a device with 300-400W or more)
  3. Disconnect all loads, and then fully charge AC180 via AC. (automatically stop charging).

If the cycles can’t solve the problem, please provide me with your order number, then I will contact the CS department to help you to exchange.

ok, I will give a try with what you suggested about the discharge output of 300-400 W and let you Know then. There was not a specific indication in my ticket opened with (ticket number is ## 21470 ##) about recommended rate of discharge. Thanks you

@civarx Hi, is there any updates?

Hi, bad news…I have tried to charge it again today but the unit seems completely dead: display barely lights up when I push the on/of button and unit switches itself off almost immediately: this happen with unit even connected to AC power source through the cable. No errors or whatsoever on the display when it comes to life. I think there is a major hardware problem at this point: in the meantime I have not received a reply of my recent posts with the assistance for the ticket opened through (see above for the ticket reference). Here is some more details about my order ID and AC180 Serial Number (the one I read on a white label with bar code on the bottom side of the unit). Order ID: #SPF-IT5006 , AC180 SN: 30076QE23120205. Could you help me with the support for a unit exchange or for an answer from them about my reply of some days ago? Thank you.

@civarx Thank you for your information. They will contact you via email ASAP.

good news, thank you very much

Hi, just to inform you that today my AC180 has been collected by the pick service set up by Bluetti Customer Service. The merchandise is on its way to your depot. Big thumb up for CS so far. Thank you again!

Good You got it solved, message us how long whole replace took and were there any problems or not. I look forward to ac180p or o. Future ac180max as my next unit, so every news about is ot faulty or not is interesting

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I will Keep the community informed: my unit was a pre-sale order so it may be affected by technical troubles related to the very first unit generation, which can occur with other tech products too in general. Anyway, the CS has proved to be professional at the moment. Let see how it will develop.

Hi all, as promised…this is an update about customer service related to my issue. Big thumb for their support so far: my old AC180 was picked up around mid of July directly from my home (logistic service was set up from Bluetti customer care at their expense). A new AC180 was sent as a replacement and it has just arrived today at my home. Next hours and days I am going to test again (obviuosly after a full recharge cycle as recommended in the manual).

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Thank you for the update. Looking forward to your test results.