AC180 on UPS mode for 3D printer

test of the 3D printer with the UPS mode of the AC180 because today there is a storm and micro power cuts.


Nice I use my EP500PRO for a 3D printer and also for the PCB printer. It saved once a new produced prototype PCB.


Very nice. I sure like your Bluetti sign - I’m envious! :+1:


Having a 3D printer at home would add so much fun!
This makes me so envious. :heart_eyes:

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@bluetti you want it? I offer it to you if your dream is to have one

Thank you for your kind words! :heart_hands: If I ever need to use 3D printing, I’ll request it from the company. :laughing: :laughing:

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how frequent are the power outages in France?

especially when there is a storm

Ok, Belgium here, we only had 2-3 shortages this year so far. Mostly due to the ageing power network unable to deal with excess solar energy being dumped in the grid AND electric cars charging on 10+kW plugs…

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Cool Setup!

How long did it take to finish the Bluetti Logo?

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Le top, un jour peut être :blush: mais avant ça sera un graveur laser :grin::blush:

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Oui pour graver le bois c’est génial :+1:t2: mais Bluetti n’offre pas de Laser :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

in the breaks for changing the color spools 1h30

I will train you with pleasure​:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: