AC180 not displaying loads under ~15 watts

I have this odd bug where the AC mode does not display consumption below ~15watts, it just shows 0w.

If I switch the load over to the DC ports, or add more load above 15w everything operates as normal. However, below ~15watts it does not display any consumption is taking place? It occasionally will flash 15w output, then immediately flash back off to 0w.

My small EcoFlow river is able to perform this task perfectly and it is really frustrating because I like to use this function for many reasons!

My SN:AC1802315000191267

On latest firmware:

ARM v2074.05
DSP v2078.05
BMS v1033.06

That issue was posted here before. Official answer is that this is a normal behavior.

Thanks for the reply, Ill see if I can find that.
However, I definitely don’t feel this SHOULD be considered normal behaviour. Either a case of poor hardware design that isn’t able to provide granular enough resolution for hardware that will potentially (I’d say even likely given the camping/outdoor focused use) be used for lower wattage appliances, or a software issue that would need refinement.
The “eco mode” literally can be set to switch off the unit at 15w, so having poor resolution around this range is a pretty crap design if that is the case.