AC180 not charging via BougeRv

Neither my EB3A or new AC180 will charge from my new Bouge RV 200w bifacial solar panel. It has MC4 connecters and I have 4 sets of MC4 to 8mm barrel plug adapters. Both units charge just fine with my other solar panels but they are all SAE to 8mm barrel. plug 16BB N Type 200 panel VOC 36.5 + or - 5

@Jwats Do you mean the VOC of your solar panel is 36.5V?

If yes, you can’t charge EB3A with it because the DC input range is 12-28V and it is out of range. For AC180, could you please take some pictures of your connection?

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If other panels charge fine except the Bouge RV panels, it would appear that the panels are the issue. Have you verified that the correct voltage and polarity is present at the end of the panel wiring?