AC180 not charging from solar input

Hi, I have a brand new AC 180, I have checked the power from my panels (at the Bluetti solar input plug) and power reads 41v dc, 7.5 amps, 307.5 watts. When the charger is plugged in I get no reading of charging happening? The unit will charge from wall outlet and show charging. Any ideas? I am running my own cable and MC4 connectors from panels to bluetti charge cord, could polarity be an issue? However my readings at output seem to be good I want this to work as I like the AC180. Thanks

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Polarity could definitely be an issue. Curious how you are seeing a reading of 7.5 amps and 307.5 watts if no power is being accepted or consumed by the AC180.

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I originally thought about polarity before I checked the readings from the DC7909 plug and they seem to be fine assuming center pin of dc7909 is positive and the surround tube is negative. So still looking for an answer, thanks

@Earl Did you try car charging? Does it work?Also, how was the weather?

When the solar pannel is connected to the machine, does the solar pannel icon light up in the top left corner of the screen? And when the solar pannel is plugged into the machine, listen carefully for a click sound。

No sign of the solar icon. Weather good and solar panels producing enough current. Unit charges from car charger and ac. I have ordered replacement solar cables since that seems to be the last possible hardware malfunction possibility. I DIY’d the current cable and I have heard that some MC4 connectors don’t play well with others. It’s strange that I have measurable (enough to charge) current measured at the solar plug (DC7909) to the unit. Thanks all.

Hi, since you’ve tried multiple things, I can only think of one other thing. What is the state of charge of your AC180? You probably know this, but if it is already at 100% charge it won’t do anything. Maybe try turning on the AC side, plugging a load on, and running the battery down a percent or two.

Yeah, unit was at 84% when I tried charging so, ‘the beat goes on’. Thanks though.

My money is on that you are not receiving power from your solar panel or the wiring you are using is incorrect polarity

Yes, if car charging works, that means there is no problem with the DC input port. You can try to change a solar charging cable to test.

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Agreed, thanks. I’ll check back when cables arrive.

Yeah, that’s my take on it, just waiting for the new cables, thanks

I’m glad to help you. Waiting for your update.