AC180 (new) doesn"t show charging from solar panel

Hi, Any ideas why my new AC180 is not showing charging from solar panels. The unit shows charge from ac. input. The DC7909 plug reads power when tested with multimeter. Panels are producing 41vdc, 7.5ams and 307 watts which should be in spec. The cables from panels are DIY MC4 connect cable. any chance polarity could be wrong for connection to DC7909 plug, but plug is reading power?Any ideas on what fixes/further testing I can do?

@Earl can you try plugging your panel into a different unit to see if you do have an issue with your wiring? How are you getting your "41vdc/7,5a/307 watts figures? Are you running them thru an external mppt charge controller or something? If this is the case, you will need to bypass the external charge controller as the AC180 has one built in internally.

Thanks, Used a multimeter to measure voltage and amps at the DC7909 solar input plug when connected to panels. Panels have no controller. I have ordered a new solar cable (from panels to Bluetti unit) to eliminate any possible issues with my current cable and connectors. I’ll check back when they arrive.

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