Ac180 keeps turning on where plugged into grid

I turn off the power button on the Ac180 turns it self back on when plugged in, I have updated to the latest firmware, if I unplug it from the power it will stay off

As far as I know, this is normal behaviour so that the UPS function works correctly. Is there a reason why you need to keep it connected to an active grid outlet?

I am not using it as a UPS, when I am sleeping in the van, I don’t want it starting up in the night changing. I shouldn’t have to keep unplugging it the description states it’s a power button,
Every other inverter I have, the power button turns it off.

If you plug in any source of input the unit will turn on. This is std. practice for most power stations.

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@PeterG It is normal that AC180 will turn on if you plug into the grid.

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@PeterG Im assuming “every other inverter” you are using, doesnt feature a UPS mode on it… This is common behavior with units that feature such tech. If you dont want it to draw AC power while using it at night, unplug it from the charging source.

PeterG: How are you turning your AC180 “off”?

From my recent testing of the AC180, there is an “off” mode and a so-called “standby” mode. “Standby” is a term I call it when you turn off AC and DC outputs buy pressing their physical buttons until those buttons are no longer illuminated (not touching the physical Pwr button). The screen will turn off in a few seconds, but the unit is still “responsive” to plugging in solar panel and is still accessible via Bluetooth app. Accessing via Bluetooth app makes the physical screen turn back on again for several seconds.

To turn AC180 “off”, I press the physical Pwr button for several seconds. The screen goes off and the AC180 will no longer charge from solar and will not respond to the Bluetooth app. Thus I believe that the AC180 is now truly off (ie the MPPT circuit is off and the Bluetooth radio is off).

But I’m using a modified version of the firmware (ARM v2073.04, DSP v2077.07, BMS v1033.07), so your mileage may vary.

When you turn off the AC180, do you hold down the physical Pwr button for a few seconds?