AC180 issue with Dometic CFX3 25


I have an AC180 that I am trying to use to power a Dometic CFX3 25 cooler. They are connected via the DC Output of the AC180. When connected, the CFX3 will power on, but it can never successfully spin up the compressor. I will occasionally see the power output on the AC180 go up from 1-2 watts to the 40-50 range and then right back to 1-2 without starting the compressor. I would think it is an issue with the CFX3, but it is a new unit and works successfully with the same connection (12V output - using the same cable), when connected to a Jackery 500, EcoFlow River 2 Pro and EcoFlow Delta 2, all of which have the same max DC output rating (12V@10A).

I’ve done tests with the AC180 fully charged and at approximately 80% charge. The CFX3 is the only thing connected to the AC180.

The AC180 can successfully run other lower draw devices (10-30W) via the DC output.

The specifics on the AC180 (all available updates via the app have been applied):
ARM v2073.04
DSP v2077.06
BMS v1033.12

Has anyone else seen a similar behavior or have any ideas?


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