AC180 inverter overload

My AC180 turned off the AC to where my refrigerator was plugged in while in UPS mode passthrough. My power was intermittent and I was not home. When I returned home, my refrigerator was warm and had no power. The AC on the AC180 was off. There was a message about inverter overload. Is my AC180 defective? There is no new firmware. I’m not too happy that I can’t trust this thing to do what it’s was designed to do. Also, I had to throw out food even though the AC180 was supposed to keep the refrigerator running. Earlier in the day, my AC180 said it would run 11 hours with the 100 watts my refrigerator was using.

@ScottGibson Turn OFF ecomode when running items like coolers. As those types of appliances dont pull power continuously, so the bluetti will shut down thinking you left the unit on by accident.


@ScottGibson Please turn off the eco mode to test. If there is further problem, feel free to let me know.

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