AC180 input question

I just purchased an AC180 and a PV200 (20.5V / 9.7A). I already had a 100w panel 18.9V / 5.81A. As I understand it, I could tie these in series or parallel.

If I tied them in series, I would get 39.8V / 5.81A for 231W.

If I tied them in parallel, I would get 18.9V / 15.51A for 293W … but does the AC180 limit amps to 10A, so I would only get 18.9V / 10A for 189W?

If parallel would only provide 189W, I might as well just run with the PV200 for 200W (231W running mismatched panels in series not worth the effort).

Do I understand this correctly?
Thanks in advance, Keith

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You understand correctly and often when panels are badly mismatched it makes no sense to run them. The amperage limit is usually the weak point limiting input wattage.

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I just read that the AC180 solar charge port limits the Amps to 8A when the voltage coming in is under 32v. That means a PV200 by itself (that has a 20.5V, 9.7A) will be limited to 8A, giving it a max charge rate of 164watts (8x20.5). I might try putting that small 100w (18.9v, 5.81A) panel in series with it. That would provide 39.3v and 5.81A for a total of around 220w; quite a bit better than the 164w that a PV200 by itself will be limited to.