AC180 - how to use an extension cord to solar panels

The 16AWG solar panel to DC input cable that comes with unit is too short for our use. I see extension cords with DC connectors on both ends or extension cords with MC4 connectors on both ends. Which works for Bluetti? Has anybody found a ready made extension cord that works with AC180 and PV350 solar panel?

@Gorgon27 I would just get a nice 20-30ft mc4-mc4 extension cable off amazon… something like this…

and if you’re worried about the 16awg not being thick enough ( I personally havent experienced any issues with extended runs with the one that came with the unit) you could get this one…


Thank you - I will take a look at the pre-made cable. I saw some videos that show how easy it is to make your own cords but with the tool kit being around 26-35 bucks and I only need one cable, buying premade seems better. Is there any issue with the cord the comes with the Bluetti being 16AWG and the extension cord at Amazon being 12 AWG? I love these new AC180 (testing them out this week to see how long things run on them). Will eventually want a solar panel set for true emergencies.

Yeah, it’s hard to justify the cost of the crimping tool to make one extension cable, but if you foresee upgrading your solar arrays, you might find it’s pretty useful. I’ve used mine a lot but I’m always tinkering with other things. It’s so easy to use I was adding an MC4 connector at 1am while under my array, while trying to hold a flashlight with my knees. I really wanted to finish wiring it up before sunrise :stuck_out_tongue:


@Gorgon27 I would say you wont have an issue with the supplied 16awg cable unless you’re planning on making super long runs with the extension cable you’re going to be using. The longer the runs, the more you’re going to experience some voltage drop. But if you’re going 20-30ft, its going to be pretty minimal.

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