AC180 Firmware update

AC180 I must have something wrong I don’t see any update for my machine. is the being pushed over a period of time?

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After confirming with the technical engineers, the latest versions of the AC180’s DSP and BMS have been pushed. Please keep your eyes on the DSP and BMS, both of which need to be upgraded.

Please tell me the pushed DSP
and BMS versions.

High Voltage (Europe) DSP: 2078.06
Low Voltage (US/Canada) DSP: 2077.06

BMS: 1033.06

@BLUETTI I have JP version.

Japan is a low-voltage region, reference DSP: 2077.06 & BMS: 1033.06

Can you let us know what issues or added features the update addressed?

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Same question - which I adressed already multiple times in some other threads regarding AC300.
In my view this a must-have information provided proactively by the vendor as part of a professional grade end user support. So far I could not observe any changes in the information policy. Room for improvement!

@Scott-Benson @FrankH
After confirming with the engineers, the firmware update for the AC180 is mainly to optimize the fan startup strategy and reduce noise

This is good to know. However, I would prefer a more proactive and best practises approach from Bluetti which means to publish such “change log” information centrally on e.g. “”- probably close to the service information like user manuals etc.
I am convinced this would improve customer satisfaction

So the adjustable screen time out feature is related to fan speed parameters?

How will I know when an update is available. do I manually have to go to the app and select firmware upgrade etc.?

The two are unrelated.
The ARM firmware upgrade is to adjust the screen off time.
DSP and BMS firmware upgrade is to optimize the fan.

You can follow the prompts below to see if there is an option for a firmware update.
firmware upgrade

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Is there somewhere we can go to see the firmware updates for all the models that lists the items being addressed in the firmware update?

I’m very sorry, but the release about update log is not available.
However, if users are very interested in knowing the specific improvements of a particular firmware version, I will ask the relevant technical engineer.

I think the users would like to see specifically what issue the firmware update is improving or what additional features to expect. I think it is poor customer service to act like firmware update information is not something that should be shared with the customers that are expected to installed on their machines that they have paid for and own.


This is very true, it is unusual for a manufacturer not to specify the version update history with clear details what each version fixes / updates.

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@BLUETTI_CARE @BLUETTI is it possible for the AC60 to have the same firmware update to allow adjustment of the Display Sleep settings? Apologies for using this thread for my query. I have tried to post a new thread topic but have so far been unsuccessful.

I have been told it is coming but with the lack of transparency of when and what the up date is for I don’t have any further information.

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